MaxHype presents...
BREAKING NEWS: SEXY TOUCH # reached 2 million downloads!!!

Sexy Touch #


Sexy Touch # is a sexy game where you uncover and discover gorgeous girls only with your finger and your puzzle skills.

The girls are covered by a shape. You only have to trace along the shape outline with your finger, without raising it up and without passing over any line twice.

As soon as some part of the shape is traced, the girl get partially uncovered, until all the track is traced, and you can finally discover her all.

After you discover a girl, you can save her photo, replay with her or flip through all your discovered girls...

...and above all that:

- 30 sexy situations and scenes
- Girls say you sexy things before you uncover them
- Girls have sexy voices and make naughty sounds...

Sexy Xmas

Sexy Xmas is a sexy game where you uncover gorgeous Xmas girls to the rhythm of engaging music.

You have to rely on your eyes and fingers speed to unwrap true sexy surprises...


- Amazing Xmas sexy girls
- Funny Xmas-themed graphics
- Listen Xmas carols and songs by OILVILLE CHRISTMAS DYNASTY rock band!
Offerte e Novitā Hi-Tech

MaxHype presenta: Offerte e Novitā Hi-Tech, un' unica applicazione per avere a portata di mano le imperdibili promozioni e novitā del momento.

Con Offerte e Novitā Hi-Tech puoi accedere a centinaia di offerte e novitā sui prodotti delle migliori catene di distribuzione di elettronica, informatica e tecnologia.

Puoi scegliere i negozi virtuali, consultare i volantini, cercare tra le offerte e visualizzare dettagli e prezzo dei prodotti.

L'applicazione integra anche un mini-browser per navigare direttamente sui siti che propongono le offerte.

Fear of the Flu?
Take your Temperature!


Put your iPhone under your ARMPIT and TAKE your TEMPERATURE now!!!

Show your friends that YOU CAN take your temperature with your iPhone!!!

and hope...that you DON'T have the FLU!!! :)

d20 3.5 Core Rules


Finally the D&D 3.5 (d20) Core Rules in your hands everywhere you go!!!

If you are a Dungeons & Dragons player or master you should not miss this!

Browse Core Rules pages as in officials manuals, follow hyperlinks to the Tables, and discover the exclusive LANDSCAPE view for TABLES!

You can easily looks and scroll big tables just turning your device HORIZONTALLY!


%u2022 Basics and Ability Scores
%u2022 Alignment and Description
%u2022 Races
%u2022 Character Classes
%u2022 Skills
%u2022 Feats
%u2022 Equipment
%u2022 Combat
%u2022 Special Abilities and Conditions
%u2022 Monsters, Treasures and Traps
%u2022 Carrying, Movement and Exploration
%u2022 Wilderness, Weather and Environment
%u2022 Magic Overview

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